Build the size and strength by use …

dvit 410x200 1 Build the size and strength by use vitamin D

vitamind Build the size and strength by use vitamin D

Vitamin D became a hit in the media when one institution showed that an average person should not make a supplement with vitamin D. However, bodybuilders are not average, and who wants to increase their size and strength will carefully consider the fact by supplementing vitamin D.



Since it is known that vitamin D in the body turns into a steroidal hormone 1.25 dihydroxyvitamin D, it is logical that it will have some effect on the strength. This active form of vitamin D binds to specific receptors located on membranes and muscle cell nuclei.

When it binds to these receptors, which increases muscle contraction and protein synthesis, the protein build up for muscle formation that leads to their growth. Studies have shown that certain types of these receptors are responsible for greater muscular size and strength.

The appropriate level of vitamin D can ensure the activation of muscle receptors for optimal muscular function, strength and growth.

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