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jelka 347x200 1 Correct the apperance of your "Fir trees"

jelka Correct the apperance of your "Fir trees"

Building a perfect muscular back is not easy, although it is well known that in the bodybuilding of the competition they get and conquer with their back.

Looking at Dorian Yates more famous under the nickname “THE SHADOW”, the sixth winner of the most prestigious competition in the world of bodybuilding, who built one of the finest backs in this world of sports (which is more art than sports), it is crucial to give his maximum in back training muscles.


As his nickname says, you must have good quality, weight, separation and density if you want your back to get the highest ratings of the audience, and at the same time to overcome the competition well.

To build and improve the look of the lower back, better known in the world of fitness as “JELKA”, it is very important to pay attention to the following exercises and put them in your regular routine.

Muscles: Erector spinae, Thoracolumbar fascia



Slightly bend the bottom of the back at the top of the movement, but do not do too much because you can cause injury.

Good Morning (Good Morning)

Use low weight to have good movement control and avoid unnecessary injuries. Hold the raised head and look forward.

Dead lifting with rigid knees (Straight-Leg Deadlifts)

Let the weight naturally hang in front of the body, as if it was a pendulum. Hold the raised head and look forward.

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