Protein Pancakes

palacinka proteinska 410x200 1 Protein Pancakes

palacinka7 Protein Pancakes Have you boring single-minded and tasteless food when it comes to competitive diets?

If so, here are ways to change one meal, change the taste, enter all the necessary nutrients without compromising and not spoiling your competition form.


100-150 gr of oat flakes (depending on the amount of allowed hydrates during the day),

2 whole eggs,

2 measurements Olimp whey protein (Maxximum Whey Protein) taste tiramisu and chocolate,

Cinnamon, cocoa, water (add cinnamon and cocoa to taste, one to 2 tablespoons)

Can be inserted and finely chopped almonds or hazelnuts.

palacinka8 Protein Pancakes protein Protein Pancakes


Put all ingredients in a plastic bowl, add a small amount of lukewarm water to mix well, and bake on Teflon tin in a little thicker layer, similar to American pancakes.

When you are on a diet every change is good, as well as a change in taste 🙂

They are convenient and very practical if you travel a lot or are at work.

palacinka9 Protein Pancakes palacinka10 Protein Pancakes palacinka11 Protein Pancakes

Nutritional value:

Carbohydrates: depending on the amount of oats, about 80 gr

Proteins: 66 gr

Fat: about 12 g of yolk

palacinka12 Protein Pancakes

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